Famous Afro-Americans in America's Military: the Korean War

African-Americans served with honor in all branches of America's armed forces during the Korean War. They were involved in all major combat operations, including the Inchon La (MORE)

Famous Afro-Americans in America's Military: Sgt William Carney - the first Medal of Honor Awardee

Born a slave, William Carney volunteered to fight for the Union. Joining the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, Carney carried the flag to the walls of Fort Wagner, in that (MORE)

Famous Afro-Americans in America's Military: Dorie Miller, USN, a hero of Pearl Harbor

Doris (Dori) Miller, U.S. Navy, was awarded a Navy Cross for his extraordinary heroism during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Later killed when the Escort Carrier Liscomb (MORE)

Gen Joshua Chamberlain - The Quintessential Citizen-Soldier

A Civil War legend, Gen Joshua Chamberlain is best known for his heroic participation in the Battle of Gettysburg. Chamberlain and his regiment, the 20th Maine Infantry, won f (MORE)