Gen Joshua Chamberlain - The Quintessential Citizen-Soldier

A Civil War legend, Gen Joshua Chamberlain is best known for his heroic participation in the Battle of Gettysburg. Chamberlain and his regiment, the 20th Maine Infantry, won f (MORE)

Gen Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Stonewall Jackson was a skilled military tactician who served as a Confederate general under Robert E. Lee in the Civil War, leading troops at Manassas, Antietam and Frederick (MORE)

Military -Themed License Plates

Most states and American overseas territories offer license plates commemorating the American veteran. Designed to bring honor and public acclamation to the participating vete (MORE)

The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party (16 Dec 1773) was a protest by the "Sons of Liberty" a group of Colonists opposed to British tax policies. They boarded 3 British ships and thre (MORE)
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The Bataan Death March

Following the 9 April 1942 American surrender of Bataan, 76,000 American and Philippine troops were force-marched 65 miles to a prisoner-of-war camp with minimal food, water, (MORE)