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Military Laws

Pfc Bradley Manning

Pfc Bradley Manning leaked 750,000 Defense Department and State Department documents to Wiki-Leaks....(more)

Becoming a Paralegal Specialist for the Military

Each branch of the military offers opportunities to become a paralegal specialist; however, in the Coast Guard, this is a civilian position that is filled by an established paralegal. However, the other branches offer specialized training in military law. The following describes the general process for becoming a paralegal specialist in the Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force....(more)

Understanding the Geneva Conventions

Warfare is often a brutal and devastating activity. For the peoples and nations involved, there was once a time when no reprieve or amnesty was offered. In today's modern world, those held captive, be it military or civilian, are protected under various categories of the Geneva Conventions. These military laws are designed to keep the horrors that people would commit against each other in times of conflict to a minimum....(more)

Revisiting the Vietnam War: A Basic Overview of the Draft

For hundreds of years, the draft was an important part of U.S. military life. The issues surrounding it came to a head during the Vietnam War before it was finally removed as a policy. Given its long tenure, the draft has an interesting and rich history and still sparks debate....(more)

Military Benefits

Restaurants that Give Free Meals on Veterans Day

Many individuals and businesses would like to show their gratitude for veterans' service on behalf of the United States. The following restaurants offer free service to veterans on Veteran's Day....(more)

Your Future After the Military: Retirement Points Calculator

No matter how much you love your military job, looking forward to retirement is natural. Furthermore, planning for retirement is essential if you want to ensure you live the lifestyle you desire after retirement. Although the military does offer an online retirement points calculator to help you estimate your retirement benefits, understanding the formula used by the calculator helps you to better plan for your future....(more)

Military Per Diem Rates for Louisiana

A per diem is a daily rate paid by the military during temporary duty when you are performing a job at a location separate from where you are usually stationed. The rate includes a housing stipend, daily food costs and incidental expenses. The rate varies depending on where you are stationed, because the cost of living differs from state to state and country to country. In Louisiana, the rate fluctuates between $123 and $206 per day....(more)


Celebrities Who've Served

While most in Hollywood would rather produce a war movie than actually fight in one, there is a a surprising group of celebrities who quietly joined America's Armed Forces in the post-Korean War era....(more)

Travis Manion Foundation

The Travis Manion Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation named after 1stLt Travis Manion, a U.S. Marine killed in Fallujah in 2007....(more)

A Short Biography of William Bligh

The seagoing exploits of the European powers in the 17th and 18th centuries are full of intrigue and adventure. On a seemingly mundane voyage that began in late 1787, veteran sea captain William Bligh suffered a mutiny on the British armed merchantman, the Bounty. The mission to bring the delectable breadfruit trees back to England was repurposed into a fight for survival. His military and sailing prowess is proven by an amazing story of survival and tenacity....(more)

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